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Information Regarding Planting Water Garden Plants, Soils, Containers,

We want to help you grow the very best water garden plants. Take a peek at our planting instructions. 

Please note what NOT to do under each type of plant as there is a lot of misinformation on the internet regarding pond plants. Report any signs of stress or damage to plants to us immediately and we can help you to be sure that they are going to be ok. Issues should be addressed ASAP. 

How to Plant Hardy Perennial Water Lilies

How to Plant Annual / Tropical Water Lilies
     *Growing Austrailian Tropical Waterlilies: Rich Sacher Method

How to Plant submerged aquatic oxygenating grasses

How to Plant Marginal Shelf water garden plants

How to Plant Pond Lotus

How to Plant Floating Pond Plants

What is the right kind of soil to use when potting water garden plants?

What are the best containers for water garden plants

What kind of fertilizer is made for aquatic pond plants and is it safe to use with fish, frogs, and pond snails? 
- Waterlily World Pond Tablets
- Landon Granular Fertilizer

Make sure you check out our pages on Instructions on How to Grow Pond Plants.

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