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Floating Pond Plants or Water Garden Plants are pretty much annuals or tropicals. If the plant is suspended in water it has no way to rest and sleep over the winter. Floating plants are the most high maintenance though beginners assume they are easy. When it is cold they can rot or perish when it is warm they do filter the water but often grow so quickly they can cover a pond. This leads to constant maintenance and removal from the pond to ensure safe oxygen levels. Many of these are now restricted in both southern and northern states as illegal plants.
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Plant Description Water Hyacinths (Eichornia Crassipies) Water Hyacinths are lovely, emerald-green, aquatic plants with bulbous foliage and pretty lavender blooms. A true floating plant with roots that hang down in the water, helping to purify and clean the water and also shading the water and helping with algae elimination. Shading...
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Plant Description An attractive and unusual tropical, floating plant that grows very quickly over the summer months, often spreading 6' or more. The foliage is airy fronds of leaves, spaced out over the length of the stems and spreads by rhizome. The flowers appear over the lovely, green foliage and...
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Nycon Floating Fish Barrier 3 ft. Round  -  Protects your plants!                  36" in diameter, floating fish barrier prevents fish (koi) from eating your floating plants! Ring floats and roots of plants grow through the mesh. Great for Water Hyacinth, Water Lettuce, Red...
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Nycon Floating Fish Barrier 2 ft. Round          Protects your plants! 24" in diameter floating fish barrier protects your plants from your fish (koi)! Fish can't eat your plants when they are protected in this floating barrier. Great for the following plants: Water Hyacinths, Water Lettuce, Red...
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Plant Description   Dwarf Red Stem Parrot Feather (Myriophyllum) Bright-red stems with  feathery, blue-green foliage.  Looks lovely when grown in bunches at the edge of a pond or winding through a streambed or waterfall. Great for surface coverage and algae elimination, as algae competes for the same nutrition. A great...
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Plant Description Parrot Feather (Myriophyllum Aquaticum) has feathery blue-green foliage and floats across the surface of the water. It can be anchored in substrate or anchored with small weights or planted in small pots. This is not an oxygenating plant as some companies claim*. It is a great cover for small...
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  Plant Descriptions   Jumbo Water Lettuce are large, (8-12" in diameter) green, tropical plants that float on the surface of the water. No planting is necessary, simply place these floating plants directly on the surface of the water.This is the largest water lettuce that we sell. Water Lettuce adds...
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$2.59 - $3.39
Water Lettuce, Curly Leaf Curly Leaf Water Lettuce is a floating, aquatic, pond plant that simply floats on the surface of the water. Lovely, leafy rosettes with inconspicuous white flowers. The bright-green leaves float on the surface of the water and spread like strawberries. This is a tropical plant and...
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Plant Description A lovely tropical floating plant that floats on the surface of the water producing small, yellow flowers on the leafy fronds of foliage. The plant grows from a stem, producing cover for fish and helps to eliminate algae as they compete for the same nutrients in the water....
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Plant Description Azolla Caroliniana also known as Fairy Moss, this floating fern is very small and floats on the surface of the water and resembles duckweed. Azolla is approximately 3/8-1" in size and reddish green in color. It grows best in still water but can overtake the surface of a small...
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Plant Description   Salvinia (Rotundifolia Minima) A small, green floating plant, growing in small clusters. It is an aquatic fern that can form into dense mats upon the surface of the water. The leaves are buoyant, spongy, light green, round-oval in shape and measuring about 1/4" across.Grows well on still...
$9.49 - $10.39
Plant Description Tiny, green leaves that float on the surface of the water or just below it, the plant is flowering but the blooms are inconsequential. Duckweed is one of the smallest flowering plants in the world!. Duckweed grows on still or slow moving bodies of water and only needs...
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Plant Description   Frogbit (Limnobium Spongia) Has  small, emerald green, round to oval leaves and look great when planted in small containers and placed on shelves in your pond. Leaves float beautifull across the surface of the water.   Planting Instructions  Grows well in full sun to part shade, plant...
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Plant Description Ruffled, velvety, green leaves are tightly curled into lovely rosettes that float beautifully on the surface of your pond or water feature. Great for tub or container gardens as well! Grows 6-8" across and can be light- green to blue- green in color. Great  plant for providing shade...


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