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Get Your Plants Off To A Great Start With Landon Aquatic Fertilizer

Get Your Aquatic Plants Off To A Great Start With Landon Aquatic Fertilizer!

 Get your aquatic plants off to a great start! Landon Aquatic Fertilizer is one of the best, if not THE best aquatic fertilizer on the market for aquatic plants. It was developed  by the world renowned horticulturist and hybridizer, Ken Landon (also the Director for the International Waterlily Collection). The granular formula uses a binary system to deliver the nutrients you plant needs to obtain exceptional results. The nutrient breakdown is as follows:

Total Nitrogen               12%

Phosphate                     30%

Potash                            08%

Calcium                          04%

Sulfur                             05%

Boron                             .07%

Copper                           .11%

Manganese                    .39%

Zinc                                .22%

Landon's Granular Fertilizer uses organic and inorganic ingredients that will give you amazing results! We recommend that you plant your aquatic plants in heavy loam soil, which is 50% clay. Using heavy loam soil will help the nutrients in the fertilizer bind to the clay and be readily available to nourish your plants.

Please note: This is an extremely hot fertilizer and we advise you to follow the dosing directions carefully. 

This fertilization method should last for 60-90 days

For both Professional use as well as the pond owner, the recommended dosage is a follows:

Professional Maximum Strength Dosage 90 days      2.5 oz. fertilizer to 1 gal. soil 

This ratio is used to increase soil mass or pot size on completely undisturbed rooted, potted waterlilies for best results.

Full Strength 60 Days                                                                    2.0 oz. fertilizer to 1 gal soil

This ratio is used for waterlily repotting, using uprooted or recently dug plants with minor to extensive root injury.

General Purpose Strength 45 Days                                     1.5 oz. fertilizer to 1 gal. soil

This ratio is used for waterlily repotting with the emphasis on germinating tropical tubers from resting state as well as including germinating waterlily rhizomes.

Seedling Starter Mix                                                                     1.0 oz. Fertilizer to 1 gal. soil

Marginal Mix Strength                                                                 0 .5 oz. Fertilizer to 1 gal. soil 

Professional, Full and General Purpose Strength Ratio are enhanced and we recommend that you use this ratio in the lower 75% of the planting container. The top 25% of the soil should be undressed (without fertilizer). Optimum results are achieved when water temperatures are from 60-90 degrees.

Landon Fertilizer allows the professional grower as well as the water gardener to obtain spectacular results.When using this fertilizer, we recommend that you combine the appropriate amount of fertilizer with soil and fill your container 3/4 full. Add your tuber and cover with unfertilized soil. Gently place your container in the pond.

All waterlilies needing additional fertilization should either be repotted with Professional  or Full strength ratios, envelopes of Landon Granular Fertilizer can be slipped into existing pots by cutting a piece of newspaper in a 10" x 10" square, and placing a Tablespoon or two of Landon Fertilizer in the center of the 10" x 10"  newspaper, folding it into the shape of an envelope and sliding it down the inside of the pot between the dirt and side of the container (the newspaper will disintegrate and the plant will be able to feed off of the fertilizer when the roots run around the pot) OR follow up with  Waterlily World PONDTABS + Humates as per manufacturer's instructions. Waterlily World Pond Tabs are convenient and easy to use, simply press the tablet into the soil at the top of the pot, being careful not to push into the roots of the plant. Waterlily World Pond Tabs + Humates have the NPK ratio that plants need for vigorous growth and best bloom!



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