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Water Lettuce, Curly Leaf

Curly Leaf Water Lettuce is a floating, aquatic, pond plant that simply floats on the surface of the water. Lovely, leafy rosettes with inconspicuous white flowers. The bright-green leaves float on the surface of the water and spread like strawberries. This is a tropical plant and needs warm water to grow well. If you place water lettuce in cold water it will turn yellow and fall apart. Many people order Water Lettuce early in the year to avoid an algae bloom. Remember to order when water temperatures are warm. Water Lettuce helps with algae elimination by shading the water and competing for the same nutrients. Also provides shade and cover for fish. These lovely rosettes multiply quickly!

Water Lettuce are illegal is some states, if Water Lettuce is illegal in your state we will send a substitute in its place.

Illegal in AL, CA, FL, MS, SC, TX and WI

Be responsible and NEVER discard Water Lettuce in waterways.



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