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High Noon Lotus has sweet, light yellow, single petal flowers with yellow receptacle.
Beautiful in its' simplicity.  
Flying/dancing form add interest to this single, yellow bloom.


Plant in wide,(16-30 inches wide or wider), shallow container or in the shallow end of your pond, plant in heavy loam soil with 2-4" of water over the soil. Place in full sun outdoors (8+ hours of sunlight daily). In a week or so you should have coin leaves on the surface of the water, a week or so after that you will have aerial leaves growing out of the water. Fertilize once you have aerial leaves.

Fertilizing Instructions

Fertilize monthly with 3 to 4 fetilizer tabbs once plant is established with aerial leaves. Fertilize monthly during the growing/blooming months, June through September. We recommend Waterlily World Fertilizer Tabbs for optimum growth and best bloom!     



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