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Birthday's Peach Lotus has lots of flowers on this beautiful multi-petal specimen!
Simply Amazing!

1. Take a 14 inch or wider shallow container filled with heavy loamy soil (topsoil mixed and or clay soil and some 'play sand' (up to 30%), this mix should hold together if you grab it) 
2. Dig a trench with your hand through the soil for the long bottom part of the tuber to be placed in the soil. Now gently place the lotus tuber in the trench and carefully cover in the sections between the growth tips which will remain sticking up above the soil. 
3. You may place ONE single stone between two growth tips to prevent the lotus tuber from floating once the pot is submerged.
4. Fill or Submerge your container with just two to four inches of water above the surface of the soil or growth tips. 
5. Place in Full Sun or close to it. Lotus need LOTS of sun and room to bloom. 



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