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Native Pond Plants & Growing Aquatic Plants and Water Lilies

Where can I buy Water Garden Plants? Pond Megastore is thrilled to offer a wide selection of aquatic plants. Common species, Native Aquatic Plant Species, New Aquatic Plants for Marginal areas. All these water garden plants are offered direct to your home by FedEx or mail. 

  • Heavy Blooming Water Lily Plants & Champion Water Lilies
  • Chinese Lotus Cultivars & American Lotus: Over 200 Varieties total
  • Floating Pond Plants: Sensitive Fern, Water Hyacinth, Water Lettuce, Azolla, Duckweed,...
  • Oxygenating Pond Plants / Filtering plants like Hornwort
  • Winter Hardy Aquatic Plants which overwinter in an in-ground Pond.

How do I plant my water lily and water Garden Plants? 
Full instructions for growing water lilies, lotus plants, marginal plants, and oxygenating pond plants can be found in the menu under "Instructions for Planting Your Pond Plants", with special instructions on planting Lotus, Australian Waterlilies and more!

Most plants will require a good size container and proper soil which is a heavy loam soil, which is basically topsoil, which you never have to purchase. However, if you have red or yellow clay in your backyard, you can prepare a loam soil for a few dollars. Learn why fabric containers are often better than solid containers for plant growth and healthy roots.

Also remember to fertilize aquatic plants, outside of pitcher plants most aquatic plants will benefit from a boost in food, especially Water Lilies and in summer the lotus plants. 


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