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Submerged Oxygenating Plants
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Plant Description Anacharis is an oxygenating plant that grows beneath the surface of the water with narrow green leaves on long green stems. Sold in bunches. Anacharis helps in algae elimination by competing for the same nutrients that algae needs to thrive, as well as adding oxygen to the water....
Plant Description Anacharis Najas is a green, stemmed oxygenator with tiny green leaves. Slightly more skinny and spaced whorls than it's more common cousin Egeria Densa which it becoming illegal in many states across the US. Anacharis helps to add oxygen to the water as well as aiding in algae elimination...
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Plant Description Soft, feathery, fan-like foliage in shades of greenish-purple. A great oxygenator that will aid in algae elimination as well as adding oxygen to the water. Perfect for cover for small fish as well as spawning. The feathery greenish purple leaves are spread into segments and propagates by cutting....
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$1.69 - $2.39
Plant Description   Hornwort (Ceratophyllum Demersum) Is an amazing plant as it helps to add oxygen to the water while emitting a hormone to help eliminate algae. Grows well in full sun to full shade and grows in long, branching stems. Hornwort grows quickly and helps to clarify the water as...
Plant Description Pretty blue flowers on this lovely, lemon scented aquatic pond plant! Looks great spilling over a waterfall, at the edge of your pond to soften the rockery or as a ground cover in moist bog areas. Lovely green foliage is lemon scented !   Planting Instructions Grows well...
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Plant Description A lovely oxygenating plant that grows as an emergent as well. Helps aid in algae elimination as it competes for the same nutrients in the water. Either plant Mermaid in the substrate, weigh it with small anchors or plant it in sand or clay planting medium and place...
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Plant Description Beautiful, round, green leaves on this flowering plant that look great on borders of ponds when potted. Great for adding texture on the surface of the water. This plant can also be submerged and used as an oxygenator in ponds and aquariums   Planting Directions   A quickly...
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Plant Description   Ludwigia Repens is a lovely reddish-green pond plant that grows beautifully when the roots are planted in the substrate of your pond or in small pots with sand or clay planting medium on shelves of your pond. It gets its nutrition through its foliage. Grows well  during...
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Plant Description   Rotala  (Rotundifolia) An excellent pond plant with red-green coloration. The leaves beneath the surface of the water will be very different than those growing above the water. The leaves above the water will be more round in shape and green in color, beneath the surface of the...
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$1.69 - $2.69
Plant Description An oxygenating plant that has strap-like foliage and upright habitat. Leaves are spiraled and this plant is very prolific. Planting Instructions  Plant in substrate or small container of sand or gravel to anchor plant. Grows well in full sun to part shade and helps to add oxygen to...


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