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Grows to the Surface - Appears to Float

Grows to the Surface - Appears to Float10 Products

Grows to the Surface - Appears to Float, like a waterlily. Many folks assume these plants are free floating but in reality they are in heavy loam soil and stretch up to the surface. They usually will not do half as well without touching soil and most love full sun though water hawthorne in particular love cool water and are fine in the shade.
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Plant Description Mosaic Plant is a tropical plant that needs warm water to grow properly, 70-72 degree water or warmer. Beautiful red and green rosettes seem to float magnificently upon the surface of the water.   Planting Instructions   The unusual red and green mosaics are quite lovely and the...
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Plant Description   Lovely little white blooms stand above the surface of the water with variegated foliage.   Planting Instructions   Does well in full sun to part shade. Plant these beauties in shallow water at the edge of your pond using small containers and heavy loam soil with 2-3"...
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Plant Description   Heavenly, little, white blooms seem to "float" on the surface of the water. The foliage is greenish-purple.   Planting Instructions   Plant this lovely specimen in heavy loam soil, in containers 12-20" beneath the surface of the water. These delightful flowers bloom spring ' til fall in...
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Plant Description   A green plant with branching habitat and fringed, little white flowers that bloom in May and June. Grows 8-12" and helps to shade the water garden as it grows horizontally out, over the water. Attracts butterflies and honey bees. Branching habitat has green, three leaved leaflets. Also...
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Plant Description Upright habitat and resembles parrots feather. This lovely pond plant is emerald-green and grows to 6" tall in columns at the surface of the water, when planted in in small pots! Green, feathery stems grow upright at the edge of your pond to help soften the rockery!   ...
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Plant Description   Dwarf Red Stem Parrot Feather (Myriophyllum) Bright-red stems with  feathery, blue-green foliage.  Looks lovely when grown in bunches at the edge of a pond or winding through a streambed or waterfall. Great for surface coverage and algae elimination, as algae competes for the same nutrition. A great...
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Plant Description Parrot Feather (Myriophyllum Aquaticum) has feathery blue-green foliage and floats across the surface of the water. It can be anchored in substrate or anchored with small weights or planted in small pots. This is not an oxygenating plant as some companies claim*. It is a great cover for small...
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Plant Description Four Leaf Clover (Marsilea Mutica) Charming, Aquatic, Four Leaf Clover is simply delightful as it spreads across the surface of the water. Variegated, green leaves are 1-3" in size and look exactly like Lucky, Four Leaf Clovers! Planting instructions Plant in heavy loam soil and place up to...
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Plant Description Cheerful, little yellow blooms spread across the surface of the water with small, lily-like green pads on this sweet little pond plant! Planting Instructions   Plant in containers in heavy loam soil and place the container 4-12" beneath the surface of the water. Flowers grow to 6" tall....
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