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A few species and crosses of Iris can be grown in shallow water, along creek embankments, in wet soil. 
Iris that can be submerged in up to 4 inches of water are Louisiana Iris Cultivars, Laevigata Iris cultivars, & Blue Flag Irises. Pseudatata isris a new cross of species also is fine with being submerged a few inches.
Japanese ensata iris varieties love moist boggy soil but wont tolerate submersion more than 2 months a year. Divide your pond Iris in the fall for low to no mortality.
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Plant Description   Dazzling, ruffled white petals with yellow-green signals and handsome, green sword-like foliage. This is such a lovely addition to any water garden setting, grows quite tall at 30-40", so be sure to place it behind shorter varieties. Prefers moist soil and grows well in stream beds and...
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Plant Description   Stunning, vermillion-red blooms on this spectacular iris! The flowers are up to 6" long with bright, yellow-gold signals. Blooms late spring-early summer, depending on zone. Attractive green, sword-like foliage stays nice all summer long. A showstopper in your spring time water feature! Great on stream beds or...
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Plant Description   Always a customer favorite! This deep-purple iris has stunning purple flowers with gold signals and grows to 24" tall.  A rich and exotic look for your spring time, water garden feature. Has green, sword-like foliage that stays nice all summer long. Blooms early to mid-summer.   Planting...
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Plant Description   Lovely, deep purple blooms on this attractive iris with green, sword-like foliage. Foliage stays nice all summer long. Adds a nice pop of color to your water garden feature and grows to 3' tall. Blooms in early to mid summer, depending on zone. Planting Directions   Plant...
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Plant Description Clyde Redmond Louisiana Iris adds elegance to your water garden feature with stately, wedgewood blue flowers atop the lovely green, sword-like foliage. Wedgewood blue blooms have narrow yellow signals and this beautiful variety adds unusual color to your water garden feature.Great addition to ponds or stream beds. Also...
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Plant Description   Fabulous color and gorgeous blooms on this beautiful iris specimen. Flower petals are violet-purple and white and grow to 2' tall. A lovely addition to your flower bed or water garden. Attractive, green, sword-like foliage stays nice all summer long. Blooms in late spring or early summer,...
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Plant Description   Ethereal blooms on this ensata iris! Beautiful white background shows off the lavender-purple veining on this VERY SHOWY iris specimen. Green sword-like foliage looks good all season long. Lavender-purple throat and golden-yellow signals on this stunning hybrid! Grows 24-32" tall and blooms in early summer.   Planting...
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Plant Description Large white flowers with broad petals are rich with vivid, violet-purple veining, purple petaloid stamens and bright- yellow signals. This SHOWSTOPPER makes quite a statement in your water garden feature!   Planting Instructions     Plant in moist, acidic soil with plenty of compost in full sun to...
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Plant Description   Handmaiden Louisiana Iris has BREATHTAKING, pink-lavender blooms that will add beauty to any area of your water garden. These beautiful iris grow 20-28" tall in full sun to part shade. Great for wetlands, bogs or shallow water. Planting Instructions When planting in ponds, keep water level even...
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Plant Description   Japanese Variegated Ensata Iris is just dripping with mouth watering color! Vivid, rich, purple blooms and bright yellow signals along with cream and green striped foliage make quite a statement in your water garden feature in the spring! Foliage stays nice all summer long. Grow 18-26" tall....
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 Kirk Strawn Louisiana Iris   Kirk Strawn Louisiana Iris is a showy, splendid red iris. The petals of this unique iris look hand painted in shades of red to fuchsia with signals in shades of buttery yellow. A very unusual color in the water garden iris palette and an absolute...
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Plant Description Yamataikoku Ensata Iris has very SHOWY blooms that are dripping in rich, violet -purple color across the petals. Flowers are held regally above the green foliage and plant grows 36-40" tall, in moist, acidic, well composted soil. When planting in stream beds or ponds, always keep the crown...
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Plant Description Award Winning, sumptuous, Peaches and Wine Louisiana Iris are a delectable shade of peach and light burgundy-pink. Grow 3' tall with green sword-like foliage and gorgeous, ruffled blooms.Along with the luscious shades of peach and burgundy-pink, the centers are kissed with a hint of yellow. Absolutely stunning! Planting...
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Plant Description Scrumptious, six petaled blooms are spattered with china-blue speckles. Style arms are white with a violet-purple mid-vein line. Medium green, sword-like foliage. A striking plant in your bog area or water garden feature. Grows 24-30" tall.     Planting Instructions Plant your iris in moist soil or up...
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Plant Description   Melody Ensata Iris is simply scrumptious in delicate shades of rose-lavender that fade to silver-white at the tips of the broad, ruffled petals. Signals are yellow-gold. Foliage is green and plant grows 2-3' tall in composted, moist, acidic soil. When growing in ponds or in stream beds,...
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Great for low growing marginals!     8" Adjustable Fabric Planter   8"  Adjustable Fabric Planters are  PERFECT for low growing marginal / surface water garden plants. Bags have adjustable sides and can stand 12" tall or be folded down to 6". Marsh Marigolds, Golden Club, Submerged grasses, Bog Bean,...
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Perfect for Marginal Plants! 14" Adjustable Fabric Planter   14" Adjustable Fabric Planter is perfect for medium or tall height marginal plants or any medium or large waterlily. Fill with heavy loam soil and add fertilizer tabs. Plants will grow beautifully since their roots will have the added benefit of...
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 Great For Plants! Easy to use!  Waterlily World Pond Tabs 60 ct.  Fertilizer tablets for waterlilies, lotus and almost all other aquatic plants! Fast acting fertilizer tabs that allow their nutrients to go to work quickly, giving plants a strong start and healthy diet. with a 10-14-8 NPK ratio. Plant...
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 Great Size!  Laguna Round Basket 10 x 7.5" Deep   Great for short marginals under 12" in height or for submerged grasses at the bottom of the pond. Use deeper and wider containers for tall plants so they won't tip over on windy days!
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Great For Pond Plants In Your Pond!    Laguna Oval Basket 18 x 8 x 6" Deep>/h5>   Great for waterlilies, iris and many other marginal pond plants! Plants grow larger and healthier when their roots have access to oxygen in the water. Planting baskets are perfect as they allow...
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