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Medium & Large Winter Hardy Water Lilies57 Products

Medium & Large Winter Hardy Water Lilies, these plants can be put in pots or earth bottom ponds. Can grow at levels 1 to 3 feet deep. In an earth bottom pond, not restricted by a container they can probably reach 4 feet deep. Fertilizer is vital if you want daily blooms, water lilies are quite heavy feeding plants / flowers. Use four pond tabs on the 1st and 15th of each month during growing season for constant flowers.
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Plant description Awesome Peach Hardy Waterlily has crinkly, peach petals with yellow, sun-kissed centers on this spectacular hybrid! One of the loveliest peach waterlilies on the market. Beautiful, full, lush, cup-shaped blooms that are perfectly shaped and multi-petaled! This Award Winning waterlily is from hybridizer, G. Tony Moore. Mottled pads...
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Plant description Shake Things Up!  With Razzberry Hardy Waterlily! Razzberry Waterlily will simply razzle-dazzle you! The flowers are drenched in violet-pink coloration. Once you add Razzberry Waterlily to your pond, it will become the centrepiece of your water garden feature.  Razzberry Waterlily is another fabulous hybrid from hybridizer, Tony Moore. ...
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