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Annual Water Lilies last in general one season. Water...

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Evening Blooming Water Lilies
Perhaps best for weekday workers. These plants are usually medium to large and enjoy sun, but rather than closing before you get home, these open soon after, so you can enjoy the evening by the pond. The flowers stay open until 9:30am to 11am.

Colors of night bloomers range from White to Pink to Red. All of the night blooming lilies are annuals which require warm water of 72 degrees or better with no drop in temperature.
Keep them fertilized and they can bloom every night to or through October or until water temperatures drop.
Use 3 to 4 fertilizer tablets on the first and 15th of each month as a fertilizer schedule.

Night bloomers have a spicy light fragrance unlike the sweet smelling annual day bloomers.
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Plant description Trudy Slocum Annual Waterlily is a splendid, HEAVY BLOOMING, night blooming waterlily with large, flat , paper-white flowers, strong fragrance and very large emerald green leaves that are scalloped. An exquisite combination! Flowers are held high above the surface of the water and open at dusk and stay...
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