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Emergent Pond Plants

Emergent Pond Plants6 Products

Emergent pond plants grow in shallow water to about 2 feet deep, most are not cold hardy but can be used in summer as either a submerged oxygenator to 2 feet deep or up around the surface as an emerging plant / low growing marginal in your pots to hide the edge of your pot, grow in streams, and filters. Most are fairly fond of the sun which is why you would not plant them deep. A few also change leaf forms if you plant them submerged vs emerged.
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Plant Description Beautiful, round, green leaves on this flowering plant that look great on borders of ponds when potted. Great for adding texture on the surface of the water. This plant can also be submerged and used as an oxygenator in ponds and aquariums   Planting Directions   A quickly...
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